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Chef Challenge: The Power of Spice

This month’s Chef Challenge, featuring long-time colleagues Matt Germanchis and Vikram Singh, now the proud brains and brawn behind Endulj , really showed the power of spice and understanding basic principles. 

Even though Matt’s Greek/Macedonian background and Vikram’s Indian one may not seem similar in any way, their cooking, utilising aromats like rose water and saffron, demonstrated how easily fresh, seasonal produce can be adapted to suit completely different cuisines with the flick of a wrist. 

Give Matt’s one-pot-wonder a go and try your hand at Vikram’s Indian donuts, made with yoghurt (amazing), for the best of both worlds and a super simple and “enduljent” midweek dinner party. 

Power of spice:

Get the printable version of Matt’s Lamb Orzo recipe here.

Get the printable version of Vikram’s Indian doughnuts here

Get the printable version of Vikram’s Tandoori Chicken here.

Still to come: Semolina Custard

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