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The perfect coffee

Melburnians can’t get enough of coffee! Whether it’s the morning cuppa to start the day or a cocktail.  It’s all about the search for the ‘perfect coffee’.

But which blend is best?

“With a cup of coffee, it’s a very personal choice,” said Lia of Jasper Coffee. “Everyone has their favourite flavour but there are certain characteristics that I would recommend in a coffee blend for different times of the day.

“In the morning, you are usually looking for a bit of a kick start so look for something with a full body, strong and perhaps with a hint of chocolate. Our most popular are the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Blend #10, both of which have these characteristics.”

If you are looking for the perfect afternoon pick me up or a coffee to accompany cake or a dessert, a sweeter bean with a velvety texture will do the trick.

“A smooth, sweet liqueur blend will give a creamy finish, perfect for later in the day. A well-balanced coffee will make your day feel like it’s back on track,” continued Lia.

But we don’t always get our coffee fix with a cuppa.

There are so many delicious desserts that include coffee and we love them all! From a traditional Tiramisu to coffee and walnut cake to chocolate mocha mousse, these recipes include instant coffee, but if you want a really delicious, deep flavour, freshly ground beans are ideal.

For desserts, Lia recommends more of a straight coffee blend.

“As the dessert will have sweet elements within it, look for a strong coffee, full-bodied with a little bitterness. Something with Espresso characteristics,” Lia said.

And for entertaining? Cocktails!

The Espresso Martini has held its place as Melbourne’s favourite cocktail but there are so many more to try…

From warm cocktails like the traditional Irish Coffee to a Hot White Russian Coffee, to chilled cocktails including the Old Fashioned and Siciliano, there is something for everyone.

Like the dessert coffees, cocktails usually use a strong coffee, but it does not always have to be Espresso (which usually has finer grounds), if you have a particular blend that you love, give it a go.

So next time you are tempted to ask for an Espresso Martini, why not ask the bartender to try something new? Or, better still get your cocktail shaker out and try them out at home!

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