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Cheese Please!

 As the weather cools down our desire for comfort food increases. And there is nothing more comforting than a Cheese Fondue!

We know they are not particularly healthy, but they are delicious – so on special occasions treat yourself (the bathers are being packed away now anyway).

But what type of cheese is the best to use and what are our favourite accompaniments?

The first thing to note is it’s not just about the cheese. There are many different theories of how to make the most delicious of fondues but our favourite is a mix of cheese, milk, butter and egg yolks.

We love Fontina cheese in a fondue but you can choose according to your favourite flavours. A mix of Emmental and Gruyère is also delicious and very popular.

So for the accompaniments…

Bread is the staple of any fondue so buy the freshest of loaves such as French sticks, crusty Sourdough or Ciabatta. Cut the bread into cubes and choose whether you are going to a dip with a traditional fork or stir in with the cheese type (if the latter, its best to use a spoon).

As for the rest of the sides, take your pick according to your taste and desire to make it that little bit healthier:

  • Cured meats: beef jerky, salami, prosciutto
  • Fruit: apple, grapes, pear, dried apricots, dried figs
  • Lightly steamed vegetables: cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini
  • Raw vegetables: carrot, celery, fennel spears
  • Roasted vegetables: mushrooms, capsicums, pumpkin
  • Pickles: onions, gherkins
  • Cooked meats (cubed): chicken, steak, ham
  • Seafood: lightly steamed prawns or lobster
  • Baby potatoes (steamed or boiled)
  • Mushrooms: sautéed or roasted shiitake, portobello, oyster
  • Other: pretzels, water biscuits, tortilla chips

Whether you are sharing with a loved one or entertaining with friends, forget about the calories for one night and enjoy!



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