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5 ways to make your smoothie bowl healthier

So you can eat more of them!

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie bowl? They’re everywhere and they’re super tasty too; however, not all smoothie bowls are quite as healthy as we think they are.  To keep your smoothie bowl lower in fats and sugars and right for your own dietary needs (if you have any) here are some tips to help you out.

Peanut butter: A lot of peanut butters have added sugars and preservatives. If you want to keep your smoothie bowl free from some of these things, look for a natural peanut butter instead. And, if you want a nutty flavour but you’re after something different, give raw almond butter a go – it’s delish and also full of the good fats.

Milk: If cow’s milk’s not your thing for any particular reason, swap it out for almond milk. It’s a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant and it pairs really well with ingredients like banana and cacao.

Fruit juice: Often packed with sugar, fruit juices are best enjoyed in moderation. You can try using natural sweeteners that are low in fructose like stevia and raw coconut nectar to give your smoothie bowl a sweet kick. Adding filtered water or even coconut water can also give you the consistency you’re after too – then you’re free to load up on the tasty fruit toppings.

Chocolate: We know. A chocolate smoothie (or a chocolate anything) is oh-so-good. However, if you want a choc hit without the guilt, try adding some cacao (not cocoa!) powder to your smoothie mix. A sprinkling of raw cacao nibs on top is also great for some added crunch.

Yoghurt: Coconut yoghurt is the perfect substitute for regular yohurt if you’re not able to have lactose but you’re looking for something deliciously thick and creamy. The best part? It’ll make your bowl taste tropical.

And there you have it! Simple steps that’ll make sure you get all the goodness from your smoothie bowl – and none of the hidden nasties.

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