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Celebrating small business longevity


We are celebrating several traders’ significant anniversaries this year, including Pino’s Fine Produce (60 years), Fresh Pasta Shop and Falafel Cart (both 20 years). Collectively, these traders have served their customers at the Market for 100 years!

Though many traders have called Prahran Market ‘home’ to their business for over a decade, these significant milestones show the continued popularity for local market shopping.   Each of these traders offer very different products to the other and have contrasting backgrounds, illustrating the diversity at the Market.

In 1958, the year that Elvis Presley joined the US Army and South Pacific hit the silver screen, Pino Narduzzo was opening his fruit stall Pino’s Fine Produce. He sold out of everything within a few hours of opening as customers were excited about such fresh produce. He never imagined he would still be selling the freshest fruit and vegetables decades later! But he is doing just that and now he is celebrating his 60th Anniversary at the Market.

Since its opening 20 years ago, The Fresh Pasta Shop has become a destination for nutritious, convenient food. As the world becomes more fast-paced, the demand for delicious fresh dishes that can quickly and easily be prepared at home has increased. All the pasta and gnocchi is made fresh by the team each day and over the years they have introduced many new ravioli flavours.

The Middle Eastern snack food, falafel was introduced to Prahran Market by Moroccan-born Paul Kent in 1998. The Falafel Man was the first takeaway stall in the Market courtyard (Market Square) and customers soon became hooked on the tasty vegan dish. Now run by Paul’s son, Austin, the stall has regular queues for the original, unique recipe that Paul brought from Israel.

Prahran Market General Manager, Christopher Young is excited that so many of the Market’s traders are celebrating such big milestones.

“We are very lucky at Prahran Market to have such a diverse mix of traders, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade. Pino’s Fine Produce, Fresh Pasta Shop and Falafel Cart are celebrating significant milestones and we are proud to have each of them as part of the Prahran Market family,” Chris said.

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