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Get Good at cooking Fruit and Vegies

Wanna know the secret to winning at Masterchef?

Get good at cooking fruit and veggies.

No matter what the challenge, savoury or sweet, you step into the pantry and it’s laden with fresh produce.

Now, you could go the conventional route – pick a quick-cooking protein and hope to cook it just-so… But, in the interests of consistency, 100% your best bet is to grab for the greens… It really doesn’t leave mushroom for error.

Speaking of mushrooms… and MasterChef Australia, I figured that inviting someone from this season’s crop to celebrate the depths of mushroom season would make for a fun experience. And the fun-guy in question? My old mate, the recently eliminated Anna Webster .

Anna has been a Prahran Market shopper for years, and got competition ready with classes at Trupp Cooking School around the corner as well as stints at Gary’s Quality Meats among others (her appearance there even won her a sneaky spot in last year’s second prize winning Prahran Photographic Competition entry!)

Here are some easy midweek mushie situations that you may enjoy.

Mushroom Soup
Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe


Creamy Mushrooms
Creamy Mushroom Sauce



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