DIY Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Wanting to try your hand at a gram-worthy smoothie bowl that’s sure to impress your mates? We’ve got a simple recipe that looks (and tastes) incredible. The best part is it’s jam packed with a stack of delicious ingredients that will make you feel fuller for longer. Send us your snaps if you make one – we’d love to see!

2 bananas
150g frozen raspberries
1 cup (250ml) coconut Water
1/2 cup (125ml) almond milk
2 tablespoons LSA meal
1 cup (150g) granola or muesli
100g blueberries
100g strawberries, quartered

1. Thinly (and carefully) slice 1/2 a banana and set aside, then coarsely chop the leftover 1 1/2 bananas
2. Put the chopped banana in a blender. Add the raspberries, coconut water, almond milk, LSA meal and half the granola or muesli. Blend until smooth.
3. Halve the smoothie mixture between 2 large bowls.
4. Arrange the strawberries and blueberries, leftover granola or mueslie and the thinly-sliced banana in rows on top of the smoothie or as desired!
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