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Friday 13th July 2018

Let’s be honest; shopping is hungry work. So next time you’re in the middle of your Market shop and you get a hankering for something to eat, why not take some time out to enjoy our Market Square and relax with something delicious to eat for lunch.

And with so many options, both in the square and dotted throughout the Market, you’ll find something to satisfy every craving and budget. To help you choose, we’ve compiled some of our current favourite dishes which we think make up some of the best South Yarra lunches you will find…


Good Old Fashioned Fish ‘n’ Chips

If you feel like fish and chips for lunch, a visit to Ann’s Fish ‘n’ Chips is your best option. Their chips are thick cut, crunchy and beautifully soft and pillowy in the middle…combine that with a tasty piece of freshly caught flake (as in, caught the night before!) then their flake and chips pack for $9 is a sure-fire winner.

Not many people know this, but Ann’s Fish ‘n’ Chips is owned by the folks at Prahran Seafood – so if you’re not particularly feeling like flake, you can choose your preferred fish variety from the fishmonger and have Ann’s cook it up for you.  Now how’s that for good service?

Located in the Market Square.


Wonton Noodle Soup

If you’re feeling particularly cold and want something deliciously slurp-worthy to enjoy, Egnaro’s popular wonton noodle soup (complete with dumplings, poached chicken, vegies and noodles) is always a winner.  Want it spicy? Add extra chilli – that’s what we do! Or you could also try their spicy nasi goreng, or pick from a wide range of sandwiches, pastries and cakes.   Soup from $12.

Located in the Market Square.


A Vegan Salad

Now, in case you were wondering, we’re not talking about your everyday simple green salad.  We’re talking gourmet, hearty, filling and utterly delicious vegan salads from Kook’s Kitchen packed full of premium ingredients.   And there are heaps to choose from.  We particularly love the roasted cauliflower (with chickpeas, golden raisins, flaked almonds and fried shallots) salad, or the grilled sweetcorn (with zucchini, black beans, kale, brown rice and chilli) salad.   From $9.

Located in Harvest Hall.


Two courses and a wine!

OK, so if it’s a 200g Cape Grim tagliata steak with peppercress and pecorino salad, followed by a citrus fruit and passionfruit curd pav that you’re craving, Wilson & Market  has you covered.  This impressive Market Square restaurant is serving up fine dining experiences, at very reasonable prices at lunchtime.  With a $40 lunch special (two courses AND a wine!!!), this is the perfect place to unwind and take a well-deserved break and eat something locally produced and perhaps a little bit decadent.

Located in the Market Square.

Handrolls and sushi packs

After some freshly rolled handrolls or sushi?  Dragon Sushi serves up all your favourite handroll varieties and offers an unbeatable special of four for just $8.50.  They also offer salmon packs and salmon and tuna packs for $7.50.    If you’re sharing, you could try one of their platter options, just remember to order before you start shopping so it’s ready by lunch.

Located in the Deli Arcade.



We love falafels and you can’t beat our Falafel Man’s secret recipe for deliciousness!  And his salads change daily so you’re always going to find variety here too. Our favourite dish is the lunch plate with falafels, dips, bread and salad for $9.90.  If you are not feeling quite so hungry, try the ½ pocket for just $5.

Located in the Market Square.


Of course, there are many other stalls and cafés to try so click here to see our full lists of eateries.  And of course, we’d love to hear what you think the best South Yarra lunches from the Market are, too!

*Prices and details correct as of 13th July 2018.



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