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Trader Barbecue Favourites

Seeing as the warmer weather is staying with us, we took a moment to ask a few of our Traders about their favourites when it comes to the weekend grill.

After all, too much barbecue is never enough!

Barbecued Okra

“I love Okra on the BBQ,” says Adam from Cheong’s Fruit and Veg. “It really is my favourite vegetable to put on the grill and it is so simple. Just put it on a skewer and cook it quickly on the BBQ. Mix up a dip of olive oil, garlic and lemon and simply dip the cooked okra and eat!”

Mushroom Burgers

“BBQs are perfect to create a mushroom burger. Portabello or Horse mushrooms are perfect for the job,” says Damian Pike, our resident mushroom specialist.

“Try stuffing them before cooking. We have just started receiving our favourite sweetcorn – a delicious two-toned ‘Peaches and Cream’.  If you grate the corn to a cream, take this and use it to stuff the mushroom. Cook the mushroom on the BBQ for 7 minutes and you will have a delicious burger.”

Grilled Salmon or Snapper

“Salmon or snapper is delicious on the BBQ. Either rub the fish with salt and pepper and leave for 10 minutes or use your favourite marinade for 10 minutes prior to cooking,” says Jia of Periwinkle Fine Seafood.

“The most important thing is to ensure you do not overcook the fish. Pieces of salmon or snapper typically will only take 5-6 minutes on a BBQ.”

Chicken Thighs

“Chicken thigh is my favourite on the BBQ,” says Peter of D&J Poultry. “They are a bit tastier compared to breast and quick to cook on a BBQ.  If you like to have some bone then chicken chops (bone-in thigh) are a great option. Keep it simple and just rub the meat with some salt and oregano.”

Game Bird

“I love whole game birds like Spatchcock or Quail on the barbie” say’s Martin of Cester’s Poultry and Game.  “They make for great eating just by basting with oil and seasonings before cooking, butterflied, and keep basting and turning while you cook.  If you have a bit of time beforehand, let them rest in your favourite marinade before you cook them. Greek flavours like garlic, lemon and oregano are fantastic.”

Rib-Eye Steak

“I can’t go past a rib-eye on the BBQ,” says Paul of Neils Meats. “ The key to success is ensuring the BBQ is sizzling hot before you start. I also only ever turn once. With a standard thick rib eye, 6-7 minutes on each side will provide the perfect medium steak. If you have a great cut of meat, you will only need a little seasoning.”

Halloumi and Gruyere

No barbecue is complete without some great quality cheese says Chad of Pete n Rosie’s Deli. “I cut thick slices of Halloumi and cook in a pan or straight onto the hot plate (flat or griddle plate is best); cook it a few minutes on each side and it’s done.  If you’re using good quality Halloumi you don’t need to add anything; let the flavour of the cheese speak for itself.

“If I’m cooking burgers I grab Swiss cheese as well; usually aged Swiss Gruyere.  Cook the burgers on one side, turn them, then top it with slices of the Gruyere so it melts nicely while the bottom side cooks.”


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