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Sourced and Seasoned: Spring Lamb Cutlets

Two of spring’s staple ingredients shine bright in Dezi Cooks’ newest Sourced and Seasoned recipe of Spring Lamb Cutlets with Asparagus Salad.

Download the recipe here and check out a few tips from Dezi’s blog below.

“Walking through the green grocer stalls at the Prahran market there is so much freshness and colour. Then I saw them, bright green in colour, perfectly aligned and sitting comfortably in a rustic wooden basket – Fresh local asparagus.

Not too far away was some white asparagus that also caught my eye. It’s not something you see as often and is a more delicate and gentle flavour.

White asparagus is grown in a dark environment therefore it does not get the opportunity to soak up the sunshine and produce chlorophyll like the green variety. In Australia the local asparagus season is August to December, so now is the time to get your hands on some.

In the kitchen it is always best to purchase and cook with fruit and vegetables when they are in season. Why? Well typically the produce will be at its peak, more nutritious for you and budget friendly due to an abundance of supply. At the moment local asparagus is readily available and delicious this spring. It’s also so versatile with how you can cook it; steam, BBQ, blanch, roast or stir fry.

I’m going to team up this asparagus with mini tiny tomatoes, bursting with flavour, a little radish and goats cheese tossed in a maple mustard dressing. A combination of salty, slight sweet and crisp vegetables. A great pairing with my fresh produce is some spring lamb cutlets. Trimmed and cut to perfection by the team at Neils Meats in Prahran Market. The quality looks outstanding, I was tempted to buy the whole meat display!

Can’t wait to get home and start cooking, this could be a beautiful gourmet lunch or dinner for one. Double the recipe if you would like to accommodate for more or even consider this recipe for when you are ever dining with friends. A definite crowd pleaser.

TIP How to store asparagus: I pop the spears upright into a jar with about 2cm deep in water and put them into the fridge. I found they keep really well like this and juicy.

TIP Cutting asparagus: Use you forefinger and thumb to gently bend and snap off any woody ends, alternatively cut with a knife.”

Dezi’s tender lamb cutlets are from our meat market, AKA Bracher Arcade. This area of the food Market is also full to the brim of poultry, seafood, and game, including organic food options.

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