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5, 10, 15 with... Avocado

Avocados are just glorious at the moment and, better yet, in great abundance throughout the market. Which means now is an excellent time to grab some to take your snacking to above ‘av’ levels with minimal fuss.

I’ll often acquire a handful at a time on a Sunday arvo, some firm, some squishy – that way I have some that are good to go now and some for a Wednesday when the market’s closed and I need an avo hit.

The best way to check if your avocado is ripe is to press the knobbly bit on top. If it pops into the flesh with ease, you’re good to go.

The creamy nature of this multipurpose ingredient means it’s like a natural butter and makes a super-simple condiment for spreading and dipping… Helloooo Guac!

You can also use it as a cream alternative for desserts – it sets firm in the fridge like any other cream might. Perfect for the choc-avo tart below.

Its versatility means it’s great for ‘aving a go (so to speak), no matter how quick your snack break. Just figure out how much time you’ve got, then get amongst it.

5 minutes: Avocado Halves Natural


1 avocado, sliced in half and deseeded
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 spring onion, finely sliced
Drizzle of olive oil
Salt flakes
Freshly cracked pepper


  1. Carefully cut a crisscross shape into your avo halves
  2. Top with the rest of the ingredients and eat with a spoon straight of the natural bowl it comes in

10 minutes: Avo, Fetta & Jalapeño Mash


The flesh of 1 squishy avocado
Good scoop of Persian fetta (I found a killer one at Sweet Greek)
1 fresh chilli or jalapeño (they’re in season right now too!) finely chopped
Fresh coriander to garnish
Squeeze of lemon juice
Slices of bread/veggie sticks


  1. Add all of the ingredients (aside from the bread/veggie sticks) into a bowl and mash with a fork until combined.
  2. Meanwhile, toast some slices of crusty bread or slice up some beige sticks for dipping
  3. Top/dip to your heart’s content

15 minutes: Chilli Choc-Avo Tart


The flesh of one squishy avocado
1 block of good dark chocolate or 250g choc chips (I love the Felchlin dark chocolate chips from Cioccolato Lombardo)
Pinch of salt flakes
Pinch of chilli
6-8 Medjool dates (53 degrees East has some divine ones at the moment)
100g pecans
30g desiccated coconut


  1. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler then add avocado flesh and chilli and whizz up in your blender, food processor or Thermomix. Reserve in a bowl
  2. Add the dates, salt, nuts and coconut to your chosen processor and blitz to combine
  3. Press the mixture into a lined tart tin
  4. Top with chocolate avo mixture and pop into the freezer for 5 minutes to set.
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