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Did you know there are around 2000 varieties of cheese? And while we can’t stock all of them, our Traders have a pretty good selection which is just one reason why the Market is our happy place.

To get you in the mood for all the fromage, we’ve put together a list of our favourite cheeses, with the help of some of our Traders, so that you can create a delicious dairy shopping list on your next visit to our fabulous food Market.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese, also known as chèvre, is creamy and distinct in flavour. It’s available in different textures; think aged and crumbly to soft and spreadable.

“Goat cheese is my go-to cheese,” says Naheda of Naheda’s Choice. “I use it in so many ways, from mixing it in a dip recipe to dolloping on steak. I like smooth goat cheese because to me it’s like a creamy glass of milk.”

  • Type: Soft
  • Flavour: Varies from mild to tart, earthy
  • How to use: In dips, frittatas or tarts with ingredients such as mushroom and asparagus, on toast or pizza
  • Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc

Goat cheese is also a great alternative for those allergic to cow’s milk.


Cheddar is a cow’s milk cheese, and is the most widely purchased cheese in the world.  It starts with a smooth texture when young and has a slightly crumbly texture when cured properly. The taste becomes sharper and the texture crumblier as it matures.

  • Type: Hard
  • Flavour: Creamy but with sharpness
  • How to use: In sandwiches, pies, scones, soup, quiches or soufflés, on a cheese board
  • Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon


A semi-soft, washed-rind Italian cheese, Taleggio has a thick rind and strong aroma.  However, its taste is surprisingly mild, with a slightly fruity tang.

“Taleggio is usually made from cow’s milk, but you can get goat milk varieties too,” says Manny from The Cheese Shop Deli. “I love it as it’s really versatile; you can melt it on pizza or over potatoes, grate over salad, or simply enjoy it as part of a cheese board.”

  • Type: Semi-soft
  • Flavour: Rich yet mellow with a fruity tang and buttery notes
  • How to use: Melted into pasta, risotto or fondue, in salads, on a cheese board
  • Pairing: Chianti


A highly prized cheese, Comté has an incredible depth of flavour. It’s made from quality raw milk, and the affineur watches over it during the aging process. Comté is delicious whether young or old, it just changes texture and flavour as it ages, from creamy with a hint of sweetness to a more intense, nutty taste.

  • Type: Semi-Hard
  • Flavour: Complex – fruity, nutty, salty, savoury, smoky, sweet
  • How to use: On a cheese board, melted in soufflés, quiches, omelettes, potato gratin or over root veg
  • Pairing: Champagne


This full-fat Spanish hard cheese comes in a wheel form with an inedible rind. It is strong and pungent and usually aged between 60 days and two years, developing a sharper flavour the more mature it gets.

  • Type: Hard
  • Flavour: Strong and pungent. Mild to sharp, depending on aging process.
  • How to use: In sandwiches, shaved on salad, melted in dishes such as stuffed chicken breast, on a cheese board
  • Pairing: Tempranillo


Brie is a soft and creamy French cheese traditionally made from cow’s milk. However, brie can also be made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It is soft and creamy, with an edible rind. This cheese tastes its best at room temperature so remove from the fridge around 60 minutes before indulging.

  • Type: Soft
  • Flavour: Mild, fruity, nutty
  • How to use: Topped on pizza or flatbreads, baked in a pastries or casseroles, on a cheese board
  • Pairing: Riesling

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese gets its name from the veins that run through its body. Available in many different types and made from different milks, blue cheese usually has a strong taste and smell. It’s a great addition to a cheese board but also has many uses within dishes.

“A good blue cheese is perfect for table eating but also for adding to salads, crumbling over pasta or pairing with fruit and nuts,” says Greg from Pete N Rosie’s Deli. “I recommend Prom Country Venus Blue, as it’s a delicious, locally made ewe’s milk cheese of medium strength”.

  • Type: Semi-soft
  • Flavour: Salty, tangy, sharp
  • How to use: Crumbled into pasta & gnocchi, gratin, soup or salads, on a cheese board
  • Pairing: Port


Mozzarella is an Italian sliceable curd cheese, made from either buffalo or cow’s milk. Unlike many other cheeses, Mozzarella is eat fresh as opposed to aged. It is a mild and refreshing cheese that is delicious raw and ideal for baking.

  • Type: Semi-soft
  • Flavour: Milky
  • How to use: Topped on pizza, sliced in sandwiches, melted in arancini balls, lasagne or gnocchi, in salads
  • Pairing: Chardonnay

If you are looking for some recipe ideas with cheese, take a look at our collection here.

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