6 Types of Charcuterie & How to Pair it

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Looking for an easy starter to impress your guests at your next dinner party? The Market’s delis and specialist butchers have a huge selection of tasty charcuterie made on-site and sourced from all over the world. Create your own charcuterie board for your next event or pair your fave cured meats with gourmet ingredients for an indulgent snack! See below for just some of the varieties available at the Market and find out what’s best to pair it with.

Jamon Serrano – Casa Delicatess
Jamon Serrano is a deliciously sweet, dry-cured ham and makes the perfect appetiser. Pair it with Spanish sheep’s milk Manchego cheese and some honey – we recommend bush honey from the Tamara Valley in Tassie if we’re being really specific, but you can use whatever you have! For the ultimate indulgence, go one step further and drizzle some truffle oil over the top. You won’t regret it.

Casalingo salami – Chaso’s Gourmet Deli
Casalingo salami is a traditional style of salami with a mild flavour that’s sure to suit most tastebuds. We love it quite simply with quince paste or paired with some antipasto and homemade dips. Get yours from Chaso’s Gourmet Deli.

Poitrine fumée cured pork belly – Barossa Fine Foods
Specially created for Prahran Market customers, this mouth-watering dry-salted cured pork belly is one of a kind. Curious? Head on over to Barossa Fine Foods to snap up a tasting. We’re pretty confident it’ll make the regular dinner repertoire from then on.

Prosciutto di San Daniele – Pete ‘n’ Rosie’s Deli
The perfect pizza topper! Prosciutto di San Daniele is thinly sliced and aged for 2 years to achieve its full flavour. It pairs beautifully with a glass of Italian prosecco, but if you’re making a classic prosciutto pizza, you can’t go past a full-bodied red.

Truffle sopressa – Cleo’s Deli
The truffle sopressa found exclusively at Cleo’s Deli is a gourmet salami that is sure to wow your guests. To enjoy the full flavour pair it with a hard goats’ cheese or a vintage cheddar, but to really pack a punch in the flavour department, add some cornichons! You can get your hands on all of these tasty additions at Cleo’s

Jamon – Gary’s Quality Meats
Unique to Gary’s Quality Meats, this dry-aged ham on the bone is chestnut-fed and made right here on-site – much unlike any other dry-aged jamon. To fully experience the flavour, pan fry some slices of sourdough bread with some butter and top with the jamon. Delicious! For more jamon cooking tips, visit Gary and the team.

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