Top Drink Ideas for Winter

Ahh winter – it’s the best season to get cosy under blankets, sit by a roaring fire, and enjoy a nice tipple in the evening; whether it be a glass of wine, cocktail or bottle of beer/cider. With the change of season, now is the perfect time to fill your cup with some new alcoholic beverages.

So without further ado, here’s our pick of what to drink when the temperature drops, with a little help from our friends at Blackhearts and Sparrows:

1. Ravensworth Long Way Around Malbec et Al, $41

This Malbec is a dark purple colour but is considered a light to medium wine. During the medieval age, Malbec was popular due to its bold taste and ink-like colour. Many years ago, the grape arrived in Bordeaux vineyards, the largest fine-wine vineyards in the world. It is still hugely popular in southwest France. Malbec wasn’t its original name, over centuries it had different names – like Cot, Cahors or Noir de Pressac – but today Malbec is the most internationally recognised version.

Pairing food with Malbec is easier than you might think. Due to its full body, it’s a great match for richer and stronger flavoured foods. You don’t want the wine to take over the food. Why not try Roasted Lamb and Mint with your Malbec? Another option is Thai BBQ Chicken – the garlic, ginger, honey, and lime flavours are enhanced with a glass of this fine wine.

– Did you know April 17 is designated International Malbec Day?

2. Provenance Golden Plains Chardonnay 2019, $32

This chardonnay is a pale straw in colour, with white floral aromatics and mid weighted flavours of white peach and nectarine, with just a touch of cashew. This dry wine is created at Provenance, a winery located in Geelong. The winery values everything to do with preserving the identity of place, hence it was of utmost importance that they source the fruit, used in this chardonnay, from the cooler climates of Geelong, Henty and Ballarat.

There are many foods that go well with chardonnay; any meat or fish dish is ideal. Think salmon fish cakes, pork or pasta in a creamy sauce, or even a chicken salad with stone fruits and nuts added to the mix.

– Did you know that Provenance means “place of origin”?

3. Diplomático Exclusiva Rum, $105

Diplomático, which is located at the foot of the Andes mountains, is internationally recognised for producing some of the finest rums in the world since 1959. Diplomático’s rums are produced from fermented sugar cane, honeys, and molasses. They produce blends of dark and light rums aged from two to twelve years.

Diplomático Exclusiva Rum is a deliciously dark and syrupy rum from the stunning country of Venezuela. It is a quality rum with sweet notes and plenty of depth. It can be enjoyed alone or added in a cocktail like a Bee’s Kiss or Puerto Rican Race.

Wine is commonly thought of when thinking of food pairings, but few consider food pairings with spirits. Why not try this rum at your next cheese night? Or with deep fried chicken or slow-cooked brisket? If desserts are more your thing, then chocolate, pineapple and coconut flavours are the way to go.

– Did you know that Diplomático uses their own proprietary yeast to create the rum?

4. Collective Arts Origin of Dark Imperial Stout, $17

Dark ales are the perfect drink to get through the wintery long nights and short days – they warm you up from the inside out. Imperial stouts are strong-flavoured beers that are dark brown-black in colour, with malt flavours of chocolate, espresso, molasses and dark fruits. This imperial stout was created in a craft brewery in Ontario Canada, who love to combine their craft beer creativity with artists and musicians around the world. It has lots of lactose, sugar, almonds and of course coffee; plus, they are aged well in dark rum barrels for a few months.

The simplest food pairing for this vegan-latte inspired imperial stout is Stilton cheese, as it adds nicely to the earthiness of the fromage. For a larger meal, pair with a Ribeye steak from a quality butcher with garlic butter and truffle fries.

Did you know that imperial stouts were originally brewed in London, UK?

5. Hills Cider Co. Apple & Ginger Cider, $4.50/bottle

Apples are best enjoyed during the colder months, so what better reason to enjoy a cider on a chilly evening? The Hills Cider Company started 12 years ago and became a success through maintaining consistent farm door prices throughout the year and using slightly blemished fruit in their ciders. The Hills Cider Co. is one of the few cider producers in Australia who has total land to hand control over their product. Their high quality is shown in this apple and ginger cider, it’s spicy, fruity, and delicious.

Cider is great enjoyed on its own, but it also goes well with several sweet or savoury dishes. Pair your cider with a creamy pasta dish, like carbonara or alfredo, or for the meat lovers out there, a turkey dinner. Apple pie is the perfect dish for those looking for something a bit sweeter.

Did you know that the Hills Cider Co. products are made with 100% Adelaide Hills fresh fruit?

Dying to try one of these wintery drinks? Head to Blackhearts & Sparrows to check out their range.

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