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Top Asian Soups You’ll Find at the Market

Got a hankering for one of our top Asian soups?

Whether it’s chicken noodle soup with a stack of chilli, a yummy Korean spicy army stew, or even a tasty wonton soup with a tasty broth; Prahran Market is filled to the brim with list of top Asian soups ready to be slurped up. Plus, our very own Asian greengrocer has everything you need for creating the same tasty soups at home. So what are you waiting for? Get your noodle on at one of the eateries below and try some of the Market’s top Asian soups!!

Wonton Soup – Egnaro Cafe
This tasty combination soup pairs the deliciousness of chicken dumplings with the flavour of a mouth-watering Asian broth. It’s the perfect winter warmer on a dreary wet day, and the ultimate lunch-time life saver when you’re sick of the daily sandwich rotation. Egnaro is also licenced, which means if you feel like washing down your epic Asian lunch with a wine or beer, you most certainly can.

Korean Spicy Army Stew – Seoul Salon
Seoul Salon’s special Korean Army Stew is about as authentic as you can get! Slurp up a delicious broth flavoured with house made gimchi (kimchi), bacon, ham and veggies, PLUS instant noodles and baked beans! If that’s not enough, it’s also served with a bowl of steaming rice. Confused? Don’t be! This super tasty stew originated in Korea not long after the war when ingredients were scarce and has morphed into a mouth-watering spicy soup that will soon form part of your lunch repertoire.

Chilli Coconut Cream Mussels – The Mussel Pot
If you’re looking for something to fill you up for the rest of the day, head on over to Mussel Pot in Market Square. Here you’ll find a stack of mussels served up in a variety of sauces – our personal favourite: the Asian inspired chilli coconut cream, which features one very special secret ingredient that owner, Pixie, is keeping all to herself! Crack open your mussels, dip in your bread and make the most of this amazing soup as you lap up the bustling Market Square atmosphere.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Seafood – Egnaro
So we’ve already talked about Egnaro Café above, but we had to make sure their Tom Yum soup got a special mention. This popular Asian dish features subtle flavors of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, as well as fresh chilies, to create a healthy soup loaded with tasty vegies and of course, seafood. It’s hearty, it’s flavourful and it’s bound to keep you satisfied long after your last slurp.

Miso Soup – Dragon Sushi
While Dragon Sushi might be better known for its sushi rolls, these guys know a thing or two about soups too. Warm up with a serve of Miso soup – a Japanese favourite that not only tastes amazing but provides a great source of antioxidants, dietary fibre and protein. They’ve also got chicken, beef and eel udon noodle soups up for the taking – are you game?

Laksa Paste – Lee’s Asian Grocer
Make your very own bowl of steaming hot laksa at home and enjoy with the family, thanks to Lee’s Asian Grocer’s extensive range of ingredients. Kick things off with a tasty Malaysian laksa paste and let the staff at Lee’s guide you through all the ingredients you’ll need to cook at home. From coconut cream and bean shoots to dried onions and tofu, you’ll find it all and more at Lee’s. And if laksa isn’t your thing, they’ve got yummy dumplings to create dumpling noodle soup, and Asian style chicken stock – the perfect base for a stack of top Asian soups.

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