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Tobie’s Spicy Tuna Poke

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Poke is all the rage at the moment.  Have you tried it yet? How about a spicy tuna poke recipe?

This Hawaiian dish really showcases oriental flavours and super fresh produce.

It’s tasty, healthy and possible to whip up in a flash making it a perfect mid-week meal option.

Tobie uses sashimi grade tuna in this version, but you could easily substitute with any other sashimi fish that you like.  Or skip the fish and add extra vegetables. It’s completely up to you.

The options are endless and depend entirely on your creativity. Enjoy the video for this spicy tuna poke recipe below.

Check out the downloadable version of Tobie’s Spicy Tuna Poke recipe, here.

To see all of our recipe videos featuring Tobie Puttock, check out our youtube channel, here.

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