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Celebrate with gourmet mushrooms

Why are gourmet mushrooms so special? Some of them are only available for a very short time-frame  Some are only imported in tiny amounts from a little village in France.  Some of them may be foraged locally by a lone farmer in the Australian countryside.

But, depending on the season, you’ll find chestnut, pine, slippery jacks, morels, enoki, king browns, baby king browns, pink oyster, shitake, white fungus and shimeji (to name a few) at Prahran Market and while they may be a little more than your everyday buttons or Swiss browns, you’ll only need a small quantity to make your dish extra special.

Think risottos, sauces, exotic stir fries or simply fried in quality butter for that special birthday breakfast.

Gourmet mushroom recipes for those special days:


Lamb Orzo Orzo w seasonal mushrooms and lamb by Matt Germanchis. Perfect for entertaining.

Medley of Mushrooms on Pumpkin Polenta Mushroom medley w creamy pumpkin polenta by Vikki Leng. For that birthday dinner.

Mushroom pappardelle recipe Fancy mushroom pappardelle by Tobie Puttock. For any time you feel like treating yourself.

Savoury Tarte Tatin Savoury tarte tatin by Second Helping. Share with a loved one on an anniversary.

Wild mushroom, proscuitto and runny egg Wild ‘shroom, prosciutto, runny egg by Josh Pelham. Did somebody say Father’s Day?

Chanterelles with shallots on toast by Epicurious. The ideal start for any special day.


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