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Market Florists' Guide to Spring Blooms

With so many beautiful varieties of cut flowers available at the Market during spring, choosing the right arrangement can be a little overwhelming. So we took a stroll down to Harvest Hall to find our favourite spring blooms, and we got some advice from our florists along the way.

Lily of the Valley

Fragrant Lily of the Valley is a dainty floral variety with fragile bell-like white or pale pink flowers that form each spring. This bloom can perfume a whole room with its distinctive scent, and makes an adorable, tiny bouquet. Highly sought-after for wedding bouquets, Lily of the Valley symbolises sweetness and purity of heart, effortlessly adding a refined touch to any table centrepiece, bouquet, or flower arrangement in your home.

“Lilies are beautiful flowers and they come in many varieties,” says Diego at Flawless Flowers. “However, if you have a cat at home they are not recommended, as lilies are toxic to felines.”


When an elegant flower is needed for your next bouquet, delicate-looking Lisianthus blooms are your new go-to. The epitome of a classy, versatile flower, a cut Lisianthus arrangement placed in a vase can last for up to two weeks or longer when cared for properly. Unlike Lily of the Valley, this variety has no scent, making it perfect for people with allergies or those looking for a subtle arrangement in their home.

“I love Lisianthus and these are a great alternative should you have cats. They are hardy, long lasting and work well on their own as well as combined with other flowers,” Diego continued.

Sweet Pea

Native to the Mediterranean region, Sweet Pea blooms are an excellent cut flower choice, resembling delicate, fringed butterflies with bent stems. A playful addition to bouquets and arrangements, Sweet Pea is also the most sweetly fragrant flower, available in a wide variety of stunning colour combinations. 

“Try mixing Sweet Peas among other seasonal cut flowers, or simply create a bouquet of sweet pea flowers for a fragrant springtime bouquet,” says Clara of Clara’s Flowers.


Symbolising charm and often referred to as the ‘rose of spring’, the Ranunculus produces very bright and striking flowers in a range of shades, including red, yellow, white, pink and orange. Ranunculus is an ideal flower if you want to freshen up your home in a unique way, with each bloom consisting of layers and layers of silky petals sitting on a long stem. A bouquet of Ranunculus is the  perfect gift for a loved one or a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen counter or coffee table.

“These flowers are better for those who have spring allergies,” said Diego. “And they are very pretty. At Flawless, we do also have some rose lilies that have perfume but no pollen so they are a good alternative.”


Peonies, perhaps the most Instagrammable flowers ever, will be available towards the end of the season. These beauties come in every colour except blue, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding what bunch to choose. After a classic look? We’d recommend the soft pink varieties. Wanting to add a splash of colour to a cooler-toned room? Coral peonies will instantly add warmth to any space (and they look stunning too!). Keep an eye out for their arrival at our Harvest Hall florists in late October.

“Keep the leaves of peonies out of the water to prevent them from rapid contamination,” says Diego. “Peonies are fast bloomers, so keep them out of direct sunlight if you want to make them last longer. It is also a good idea to change the water often.”

Keep spring flowers lasting longer

Clara recommends regular water changes to keep your bouquet lasting longer. “Change the water every few days but if the water changes colour or texture, change it sooner. And always re-cut the stems when you do a water change.”

“Putting 2-3 drops of bleach in the water will also prevent bacteria,” Diego adds. “Read the flowers, keep them in natural light but not direct sunlight and change the water when required.”

So, if you are looking for a simple way to brighten up your home this season, look no further than Clara’s Flowers and Flawless Flowers in Harvest Hall for spring blooms.

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