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Favourite Soups to Warm Your Soul

There aren’t many winter warmers quite like soup. Whether it be a clear broth or thick and chunky, soups are simply delicious and, with the right ingredients, can do a world of good for your health.

What do we love most about these warming bowls of goodness? They’re nutritious AND filling, easily digested, simple to make and easy to enjoy on the run. Not to mention, you can use whatever you have in the fridge to create some great flavour combos.

We asked our food Market Traders what their favourite soups are to give you some inspiration during these frosty months.

Fish soup

George at Cleo’s thinks there’s nothing better than a fish and veggie soup.

“We have a secret family recipe that makes the most delicious fish and vegetable soup. It is hearty enough to be a main meal and I enjoy it at lunch or dinner with crusty fresh bread.”

Many of our fishmongers make and sell their own fish broth which will make a delicious and flavourful base for YOUR version. 

Hearty winter soup with split peas

Guo at The Sweet & Nut Shop uses split peas to create a heartier soup.

“I like to use split peas in a soup. They can be green, or yellow, or both. Then you can add whatever else you like.

“I often include chicken but sometimes I only use vegetables. It is so easy to make and, as it is my favourite, I have soup mixes of split peas and lentils ready to use in the shop.”

Tom Yum soup

An ‘easy’, ‘happy’ soup is how the team at Lee’s Asian Grocer describes their favourite.

“We love Tom Yum. It can be as easy as you want to make it just by adding more or less ingredients to the soup base. We only recommend the Penta brand of Tom Yum soup base as it really does have the best flavour, plus it’s vegan so anyone can enjoy it.

“If we are making Tom Yum for dinner, we add seafood, noodles, lime leaves and lemongrass, it is so delicious.”

Traditional Greek soup

Paul at Whisked hails from the Macedonian region of Greece and has fond memories of eating Giouvarlakia , a traditional Greek soup.

“I have so many memories of sitting round the table with my family eating Giouvarlakia, which is a traditional meatball soup.

“Every family has their own recipe of this soup, but I still make our family’s version to this day. It’s really hearty and delicious with juicy meatballs, and is finished off with an egg and lemon sauce called avgolemono.”


Minestrone is John from Pino’s Fine Produce’s pick.

“My wife makes the best minestrone. I have tried to recreate it, but can’t beat the flavour she creates. We don’t have a set recipe, we just use anything we have in the fridge so there is no waste, and we always have so many veggies on hand!

My wife always adds kale to minestrone. She strips the leaves off the stalk and slices them before putting them in and they make the soup even more hearty and nutritious.”

So, next time you fancy a bowl of warming goodness, keep in mind these soup-er suggestions from our expert Market Traders.

Or check out our delicious collection of soup recipes and try them out!

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