Meet Peter from Claringbold's Quality Seafood

Meet Peter from Claringbold’s, purveyor of Melbourne’s best quality seafood!

Transcript from Peter from Claringbold’s Quality Seafood:

“We’ve probably got the best selection of quality seafood from all around Australia.

We try to keep a quality selection of the most popular items. Whatever is the flavour for the month.

Here at Claringbolds, we started over 100 years ago. It was a family run business for three generations up until we took over about 26 years ago.

The vision behind Claringbolds I think, it’s still the same old style market style, we try and bring fresh fish in on a daily basis and source the best possible available.

We’ll continue to do so, whether it’s sourcing from a local fisherman, interstate or right around the country.

We’ve got two Japanese sushi chefs. Between the two of them, they combine many years experience and knowledge. They do a great job offering sushi on the day and sashimi. We’re lucky that we have access to the best possible fish at all times, and obviously we select the best for our sashimi. It works well.

What I like about Prahran Market? It’s a great group of traders that are all passionate about getting the best possible produce. We’re all food specialists in our fields.

We try and source the best possible produce out of Australia and over the years we’ve been lucky to get some great contacts of fisherman, coops and we’ve got got consistent supply right through the year.

And we’ve still got a passion to source the best quality seafood that we can. “

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