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Best of the Market Doughnuts

Plus a Cheeky Cinnamon Roll!

In winter it’s perfectly normal to find solace in your favourite comfort food – and if that comfort food just happens to be mouth-watering doughnuts then you’ve come to the right place! Prahran Market might be home to some of Melbourne’s top quality fruit and veg and specialty traders, but it’s also the destination for deliciously decadent doughnuts! Bite into piping hot organic jam, treat yourself to fancy French with vanilla creme patissiere, or go all out with wickedly wonderful flavours like maple glaze or matcha mallow! However you choose to doughnut, we’ve got your cravings sorted this winter.

Organic Jam and Nutella – Fritz Gelato
Fritz Gelato has proven it knows a thing or two when it comes to gelato, but did you know it’s also home to some pretty sweet doughnuts too? Yep, the popular ice-creamologists are more than happy to get their bake on and the result speaks for itself. Sink your teeth into a sumptuous organic Nutella doughnut or keep it classic with organic jam. Your Market shop has never looked better.

Vanilla or Chocolate Patissiere – Noisette Bakery
Want more of a gourmet-style doughnut with a French twist? Look no further than Noisette Bakery where the breads are plentiful and the doughnuts are fluffy on the outside and rich and creamy on the inside. How does oozing vanilla or chocolate crème patissiere sound? These showstoppers aren’t too big either, which means it’d be silly for you not to grab a couple, right?

Selection of Doughboy Doughnuts – Jasper Coffee
On Sundays Jasper Coffee is a myriad of colourful doughnut flavours – all thanks to Doughboys Doughnuts! Survey the assorted mix of flavours and make your decision carefully. Possible flavours include choc hazelnut; butterscotch; matcha mallow; the extremely popular, maple, and so much more! Weekend deliveries don’t get more exciting than this folks, so make sure you stop by for a coffee with a little treat on the side.

Sugar Doughnut – Aroma Bakery
Aroma Bakery’s doughnut delivery is reserved for weekends only, but it’s definitely worth the wait. While it might lack some of the bells and whistles that some of our other doughnuts feature, what it lacks in looks it certainly makes up for in flavour. Fluffy on the outside and lightly dusted with sugar, this little guy makes the perfect accompaniment to a hot chocolate or creamy latte.

Organic Ice Cream Doughnut – Fritz Gelato
Sure, we already mentioned Fritz Gelato above, but we felt this particular mouthful needed a paragraph all to itself, because: doughnut ICE CREAM sandwich. Yep, picture your favourite scoop of creamy organic gelato ensconced in a yummy doughnut sandwich, all ready for you to plough into with gusto. It’s the combination of two of the world’s best sweet treats, and we couldn’t be happier that you can now get your hands on it at the Market. You are most welcome.

Cinnamon Rolls – Cioccolato Lombardo
Okay, so technically Tad’s latest creation isn’t exactly a doughnut, but it definitely comes close enough for us to mention. Picture a bread/cake-like swirl intertwined with cinnamon and topped with a rich, cream cheese frosting that works to create the perfect amalgamation of sweet and sweeter! If you’re looking for something to really lift your mood, you’ve found it.

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