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7 Afternoon Market Pick-Me-Ups

Satisfy that sweet craving!

A Market visit just isn’t complete without a sweet afternoon pick-me-up, and if you consider yourself a bit of a sweet tooth you’ve come to the right place at Prahran Market! Whether you like to break up your shop with a tasty treat in the middle, or save it as a reward for the very end – we’ve got a huge selection of delectable delights to tantalise your tastebuds. From organic doughnut gelato sandwiches, to dark artisan chocolate, gingerbread biscuits (all year round) and more; we’ve rounded up some of our very best to make sure you’re getting the most out of your next Market adventure! You can thank us later.

Mille-Feuille Vanilla Slice – Abla’s Patisserie
Abla’s French vanilla slice is everything you could want in an afternoon pick-me-up. Sure, Abla’s might be known for their amazing baklawa but they also do a series of made-to-order desserts too, like this Mille-feuille vanilla slice featuring layers of beautiful pastry encasing a vanilla crème pâtissière filling, topped with whipped cream! Watch as your amazing dessert is made right in front of you as you wait. Wash it down with a piping hot coffee or Belgian hot chocolate and take in the buzz from Commercial Road –  Go on you deserve it!

Gingerbread biscuits – Market Lane Coffee
If you’re looking for a gingerbread fix well before Christmas, you can rest easy because Market Lane has got the goods all year round. Yep, head on over for your usual coffee and snap up a tasty gingerbread treat to nibble on while you peruse the endless shelves of Market produce. Just a word of warning, these guys are pretty big, so it might be worth sharing… or not. We won’t tell anyone.

Organic Doughnut Gelato Sandwich – Fritz Gelato
For the ultimate spring-time treat, make sure you stop in at Fritz Gelato where you’ll be given the option to bite into a mouth-watering organic doughnut gelato sandwich. If you thought that was a mouthful, just wait till you’re sinking your teeth into a fluffy doughnut packed to the max with your fave gelato flavour. How does white chocolate & raspberry sound? Or mint choc chip? There are so many options at Fritz, you really can’t go wrong.

Bougatsa – Sweet Greek
Kathy from Sweet Greek has an amazing selection of Greek sweets and pastries but her bougatsa is definitely one of the best! Traditionally thought of as a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of lashings of custard embedded between layers of filo pastry, this delectable pastry is exactly what you need for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. It’s sweet, creamy and we have a feeling it’s going to be your new best friend.

Hot Chocolate – Cioccolato Lombardo
Not only is Tad Lombardo, our in-house chocolatier, responsible for tempting range of desserts, pastries and hand-crafted chocolates, but he does an absolutely incredible hot chocolate. Made from top quality creamy dark couverture chocolate, this little guy is going to impress. Have it on its own or pair it with anything from a whoopie pie to a chocolate brownie for the ultimate indulgence.

Almond Croissant – Noisette
French pastries have never looked as good as they do at Noisette – and their custard filled beignets are no exception! Essentially a French word for a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry, a beignet is much like a doughnut… but a deliciously filled one! Choose from a chocolate, custard or vanilla crème filling, or get all three and gobble them up on your Market walk.

Pana Chocolate – Ripe the Organic Grocer
You’ll find a huge selection of premium organic, dairy free and vegan chocolates at Ripe the Organic Grocer. We just love Pana Chocolate’s extensive range of flavours at the moment, including everything from classic raw cacao; rose and orange, to more adventurous tastes like hemp & nib, and fig & wild orange. Another interesting tidbit is that all Pana chocolate is handmade in Melbourne, so you know that every time you bite into your moreish chocolate, you’re supporting local business.

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