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5 Jerusalem Artichoke Pairings

It’s Jerusalem artichoke season, and if you’re looking for new ways to pair this sweet, nutty sunflower tuber (yes, Jerusalem artichokes are neither artichokes nor from Jerusalem!), we’ve got you covered. Grab your Jerusalem artichokes on the shelves of our Harvest Hall greengrocers, then check out our top 5 Jerusalem artichoke pairings to try this winter below.


For a simple yet delectable dish try roasting or sauteing your tubers with your favourite mushrooms of the season. The mushrooms are ideal bedfellows for Jerusalem artichokes as they have a woody, earthy, wintery feel to them, which pairs wonderfully with the sweeter creamier taste of the artichokes.  

Tip: Add parsley, garlic, lemon or rosemary before serving to add a jolt of flavour to this flavour combo. 

Roast Beef

Jerusalem artichokes draw similarities to potatoes when cooked, however one key health difference is that they have no starchy carbohydrates, making them better for you. For this reason, this root veg can be subbed in for potatoes as a side accompanying red meat (and who can say no to a classic roast beef on a cold winter’s day?). 

For a modern twist on your weekly Sunday roast, puree Jerusalem artichokes with cream and butter to create a heavenly mash to serve with your rich beef roast. Consider yourself a meat lover? Try adding crispy bacon pieces to the mash for a little extra flavour.


You’ve probably eaten potato gratin before but have you ever tried Jerusalem artichoke gratin?

A cheesy, comforting midweek meal, the tubers are sliced thin and gently cooked in a creamy sauce, before being layered and topped with a generous helping of cheese. Our go-to is shavings of Gruyere, however cheddar, Jarlsberg or parmesan can also be used. 

Level-up your gratin by adding bacon pieces or leek to create a fantastic side or main for the colder months. 


Winter citrus fruits are a must-add to your shopping list this season and another great accompaniment for Jerusalem artichokes. Mixed together in a salad, the nutty tasting artichokes pair beautifully with sweet-sharp blood oranges to create a colourful winter salad that can be eaten as a light lunch or side dish. Don’t have blood oranges on hand? You can use a standard orange or grapefruit instead. 


Nothing says an indulgent dish quite like the addition of truffle, and it’s the ingredient you need if you’re looking to fancy up the ‘ugly duckling’ that is the Jerusalem artichoke. 

A great opener for your next dinner party, a Jerusalem artichoke and truffle soup is velvety smooth, comforting and has the ability to turn a rainy day soup into a luxurious event. Jerusalem artichokes are broken down and pureed to creamy perfection before the truffle is added, whether it be freshly shaved to top the dish or as oil drizzled throughout – we’ll leave that part up to you!

Check out some more Jerusalem artichoke pairings below for a little food-spo:

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