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Wild mushroom recipes

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with mid-week cooking, don’t you think?  Especially in winter. It’s cold, kids are hungry, it gets dark early and everyone just wants to be fed. This month our A-Team is helping you take your winter eats up a notch, whether it’s using new seasonal produce or some new ways to cook an old favourite or two.

We challenged our A team with a bounty of goodies to choose from this month, and we love what Iron Chef Shellie and Jo from Second Helping have come up with.

The hero produce was some lovely Victorian Pine mushrooms and Slippery Jacks too, along with some beautiful organic golden beetroot from Gippsland, and a newcomer to the Market – a Papple – a delicious new variety that’s somewhere between an Apple and a Pear.

To mix things up, we also put in some Australian pepitas (taste the difference), delicious Gippsland pure double cream and a jar of cashew Parmesan, just to see what they made of it all.

Check out these results!

Mushrooms for days with some delicious wild mushroom recipes (and we love the sound of the Forrestier sauce with fish, and we’re thinking a simple baked potato would be awesome too) and we’re also pretty excited about the creativity with the Papple – from the tart to the fritters, with golden beets in there too.  Finishing the fritters with the Pepitas gives an extra vitamin boost, and don’t we all need that in the colder months.

Nice work guys!

Enjoy these wild mushroom recipes and papple recipes, and if you make them, we’d love to see your pics.  Don’t forget to tag us in on Instagram @prahranmarket – we’re part of the A-Team, after all.

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