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Rivergum Grill

Aussies of all backgrounds are familiar with a Backyard Barbie, where meat, fish and veggies are grilled over coals and ...
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Gourmet salads, grilled skewers, grilled meats, charcoal bbq, grilled cheese, grilled seafood, grilled chicken, streaky bacon, marinated tofu, field mushrooms, baby onion, pork sausage, haloumi cheese, lamb belly, local prawns, garlic naan, flat bread, bush tomato chutney, desert lime aioli, fermented chilli, Aussie BBQ, modern Australian food, pavlova, macadamia blondie, lamington bliss ball, seasonal fruit, seasonal vegetables, cold pressed juice, healthy smoothies, iced tea, vegan options, vegetarian options

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  • Stall: 16
  • Phone: 0402 856 022
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