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Christmas nonpareils

Recipe by By Tad Lombardo, Cioccolato Lombardo

Wrap these in cellophane, tie with a Christmas bow and place at each table setting as a delicious, gift for your guests.

  • 500g milk or dark couverture chocolate, tempered
  • 1 cup coloured sugar beads of choice
  1. To temper the chocolate, place chocolate in a plastic microwave-proof container (no lid.) Warm in the microwave for 30 second bursts, stir and continue until the chocolate is 50% melted.
  2. At this point remove from microwave and continue to stir until all the chocolate is melted. Milk chocolate should be used at 30°C to 31°C and dark chocolate should be used at 31°C to 32°C.
  3. Place tempered chocolate in a piping bag. Pipe five-cent piece sized buttons onto a baking tray.
  4. Sprinkle sugar beads over the top. Allow to crystallize before removing from pan.
  5. Enjoy your Christmas nonpareils for yourself, or package up to make beautiful home made christmas gifts.

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