Prahran Market Eco Champions: Ripe Organics

Continuing on with our Eco Champions series, we turn our attention to Ripe Organics, who are committed to stocking only the best Australian-grown certified organic produce. Self-proclaimed ‘leaders of sustainable change’, sustainability is at the heart of everything that the team at Ripe Organics does.

Here’s why we think Ripe Organics are a Prahran Market Eco Champion…

  • They phased out single-use plastic bags over four years ago, and instead of replacing them with paper bags that would also just end up in the bin, Ripe encourages customers to bring in reusable bags or use boxes. The team don’t offer cheap reusable bags either, as this would just encourage customers to over consume, rather, offering high-quality, 100% ethically-made reusable bags that are intended to only be bought when absolutely necessary.
  • Ripe hasn’t provided plastic produce bags for the past few years, instead offering compostable cornstarch or paper bags. They know that many customers will choose the less sustainable option if made convenient for them, and that’s why there are no plastic produce or shopping bags in-store.
  • Their extensive bulk section allows customers to refill their own containers, jars and bags with essential products such as herbs, rice, oats, lentils, chocolate, pasta, olive oil, tea etc. This cuts out unnecessary packaging and allows customers to buy only the amount they need, reducing food waste.
  • Sustainability is a key benefit of organic and biodynamic products, as it results in less/no chemicals being introduced to waterways, regenerated healthy soil and encouraged biodiversity. This ultimately means less land is needed in the growing process, as organic and biodynamic farming methods do not damage the soil but make it even healthier.
  • Ripe only stocks seasonal, Australian produce, prioritising Victorian growers. When it comes to dry goods, Ripe have the same priority of supporting Australian and local where possible. This reduces transport emissions, whilst supporting local farmers and businesses.
  • The team reuse all plastic bags needed for storing produce in-store. These are cleaned and repurposed as bin liners, and for a multitude of other purposes. Ripe do everything they can to extend the life of unavoidable plastics and paper, and ensure nothing is going to waste unless it is completely unusable.

To learn more about Organic and Biodynamic produce, head to the Ripe Organics website here.

For more information on the Market’s sustainability initiatives, click here.

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