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Taste the best home made dips at Naheda’s Choice.

Jim from Naheda’s Choice talks about his love of food, (especially as they create the best home made dips) taste, seeing his customer’s smile and more.


“Naheda’s Choice began…….well it’s a long story.

It’s a combination of chance and persistence at the same time. It started with a dip, a garlic dip, and we had a business in Frankston and we activated the food section of the business and we used the garlic sauce in the business and it took off really well.

We ended up owning the factory. And with the help of a friend of ours, he named the business Naheda’s Choice- he said “it needs a woman’s touch” and that’s how it started.

And we worked hard on improving and adding more variety of products on top and that’s how we ended up here.

We’ve been 8 ½ years at Prahran Market and believe it or not, it’s as if I started yesterday. Every day it’s a new challenge, it’s a joy and I’m really happy. And when you’re happy, it’s not work. When you’re happy at work, you’re not working.

What Naheda’s Choice is about, is freshness. Everything should be fresh, natural- we don’t use any preservatives or chemicals in anything that we do.

One of our policies is ‘try before you buy’ so the customer has a chance to taste anything before they buy. If they like it, they like it, if they don’t, that’s ok. We want our customer that buys something and enjoys it at home and shows off- I’ve got the best! This is our aim. Our aim is to please. If we do, tell your friends, if we don’t, tell us!

The best part is when I come up with a new flavour and I let my customer taste it and I get a thumbs up- it’s always exciting. and when you see the smile on their face it’s very important.

But our most popular (and the best home made dips) dips are the bomb that we make which is a combination of garlic aioli, mixed with three types of olives mixed with a chilli pesto and a pesto.
I like my business; I like my job- I enjoy it. I like my customers, I like Prahran market, and I think it’s the best Market in Australia!”

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