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Try Something New: Preschooler healthy eating sessions

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Preschooler Healthy Eating


11am - 11.30am


Market Square, near the stage



Welcome to our new monthly preschooler healthy eating event: Try Something New.

In this fun, hands-on session,  Eat for Life educators, Lisa and/or Gemma, will introduce four exciting in-season fruit and/or veggies to your inquisitive (and maybe fussy?) preschooler, as they engage the senses.

Preschooler Healthy Eating

  • Let’s touch it ….how does it feel? Is it smooth or bumpy? Is it round or long? Does it feel firm or squishy?
  • Let’s smell it …does it have a mild or strong smell? Do you like the smell?
  • Let’s taste it …how would you describe the taste? Is it sweet? Is it sour? Do you like it?
  • Let’s think about how we might use it …in a salad, stir fry, soup, fruit salad or maybe in the lunchbox?

This is a great chance to introduce your little one to fruit and veggies, getting them to think about what they eat all while having a heap of fun at the same time!

Preschooler healthy eating sessions will run on the first Friday of each month between 11 – 11.30am, so be sure to arrive early so your little one does not miss out!

Eat for Life helps develop healthy children and adolescents with nutrition education programs and simple tips for making healthy eating part of day-to-day life. They are a social enterprise and through their work in nutrition promotion to children and adolescents, they promote life-long healthy eating habits to tackle the current issues of increasing obesity rates and non-communicable diseases in Australia.