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Victorian Cherries at the Market

With cherry season lasting just 100 days, there’s only a short time to get your Victorian cherries at the Market. They have a plethora of health benefits, are the perfect snack, and make a tasty addition to any plate, so make sure to ‘cherry pick’ your favourite ones this season.

Cherry Season

In Australia, cherry season occurs during the summer months, starting in early November and lasting into February. This means we can only enjoy this delicious fruit for a few months each year.

Seasonal factors such as humidity and rainfall can affect the quality and volume of the cherry crops, so care and attention are essential to maximising the harvest and ensuring the best cherries are available on our shelves.

The peak time for this beautiful fruit is during the festive season, making cherries a staple gift or treat to share with loved ones.

Support Victorian Cherries

In Victoria, the Goulburn Valley, Yarra Valley and Sunraysia regions are the major cherry production areas. With rich soils and a moderate climate, they are ideal areas to grow the best cherries.

Our Market Traders work closely with cherry growers to bring you the very best of the season.

Different Cherry Varieties

There are many different cherry varieties that span the cherry season, so the cherry you eat in November won’t be the same as the one you eat in January!

The main varieties you’ll find growing in Victoria are the Merchant, Bing, Stella, Regina, Lapin, Sweet Georgia, Sweetheart, and Van cherry.

The colour, size and taste of cherries will depend on the variety and factors, such as the weather and the soil they are grown in.

The Benefits of Cherries

There are many health benefits that are associated with eating cherries.

Did you know a 100g serving of contains 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement? Cherries have also been shown to lower inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of gout.

Natural sugars and a low-calorie count make cherries the perfect snack, not to mention they’re full of potassium and fibre, which are integral to a healthy diet.

This heart-shaped fruit also contains a specific type of antioxidant called anthocyanins, which possess anti-diabetic effects and gives the fruit its dark red colour.

Health information from by the Victorian Cherry Association.

Ways with Cherries

Cherries are a versatile fruit with a rich flavour that shines in both sweet and savoury recipes. Cherries can be added to salads, salsas, sauces, dressings, and desserts. The options are endless.

This summer, why not try making an impromptu cherry ice-cream or enjoy an icy cold cherry milkshake, simply pop the ice-cream into the blender and froth away. Another tasty way to enjoy this bold fruit is pairing it with some creamy goats’ cheese and thyme.

To celebrate the festive season, swap the figgy pudding for a burnt cherry Christmas trifle or a classic cherry tart, which is always a crowd pleaser. If you want to try something more unique and savoury, then black cherry pepper lamb chops with a sweet pea risotto also makes for a tasty meal for the family.

Cherries also make the ideal summer snack. A bowl in the kitchen, packed lunches, picnics and handbag snacks – they are a heathy and tasty treat for all ages.

Of course, if you want to make the cherries last longer, you can preserve them or whip up a sweet jam.

Check out our collection of cherry recipes to try this season below.

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