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Traders’ Favourite Easter Eats

For us, the best things about Easter include enjoying time with family, making memories and, of course, enjoying great food shared with our nearest and dearest. We all have different traditions and beloved meals that make this time of year so special, so we sat down with a few of our Traders to uncover their favourite Easter eats. 

Roast Lamb 

An Easter Sunday favourite is lamb. “Through the year we love slow oven roasted lamb but at Easter we gather as a family and put the lamb on a spit,” says Kathy Tsaples of Sweet Greek

To Kathy it’s more than just the food, it’s a chance to spend time as a family. “We prepare the lamb early by washing and seasoning it, as the lamb needs to be on the spit for a number of hours. We then all sit down and eat the meat with potatoes, salads and traditional Tsoureki, which is a sweet braided bread. Greek Orthodox Easter is the week after the Christian Easter, and it is a big part of our year.” 


Ham is another Easter tradition that dates back centuries, and was believed to bring good luck and fortune. Ham is popular in many families, and Paul from Neil’s Meats always enjoys a glazed ham on Easter Sunday. 

“A perfectly glazed ham is definitely not just for Christmas! Easter is the ideal time for ham, and we love to create a simple glaze that makes the ham look and taste amazing. 

“The great thing about ham is that it doesn’t matter if you cook too much as it makes for such great leftovers in sandwiches, pies and quiches. At this time of year you can also enjoy ham in tasty and warming soups.” 

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Carrots aren’t just a plain vegetable at Easter! Carrots are everywhere – from leaving them out for the Easter bunny to munch on, to baking delicious carrot cakes. John at Pino’s Fine Produce says that they are the perfect seasonal side with your lamb or hero meat, and can be prepared in many ways. 

“Carrots are very versatile. They can be boiled, microwaved, caramelised or roasted, as well as eaten raw of course. For Easter, my family love to caramelise them with brown sugar on the stove top. They provide just the right amount of sweetness this time of year.”    

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Hot Cross Buns 

Sweet bread is a tradition across many cultures (Greek, Italian, etc), and one of the most popular is of course hot cross buns. The cross symbolises the crucifixion of Jesus and traditionally hot cross buns were sold on this day. Thanks to their popularity, they’re arriving in store earlier every year! And who doesn’t like testing out the different bakeries’ hot cross buns?  

Q Le Baker is making a must-try hot cross bun this year. “We love to experiment with different local ingredients,” says Marion. “I have grown up loving the tradition of eating hot cross buns at Easter and it is so great to see people enjoying them.  

“This year our buns are made with Gem Currants and Maroo Sultanas from Murray River Organics. The fruit is soaked with candied orange and lemon peel, orange juice and a combination of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and nutmeg, which are all toasted whole and freshly ground. Each hot cross bun is finished with a biscuit cross. Of course, the best way to eat a hot cross bun is warm with lots of butter!” 


Eggs are the biggest symbol of Easter, but have you ever wondered why? Historically, the egg represented the resurrection of Jesus and is a symbol of new life. Paul at Whisked tells us that many cultures decorate eggs at Easter. 

“Some cultures, such as Greeks, dye them red and then crack them with family on East Sunday. Others decorate their eggs, with Germans making beautiful, colourful creations and hanging them on trees.” 

So, if you’re wanting to get into the Easter egg spirit, then head to the Market for your local egg supply and perhaps a packet of egg dye. And if you don’t want the eggs to go to waste, use the blown insides to make a delicious eggy breakfast. 

Whatever you plan to do over Easter, whether it’s a roast dinner with family or simply sharing hot cross buns and coffee with friends, enjoying great food together always makes Easter memorable. 

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