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Traders' Christmas Seafood Ideas

There’s nothing quite like fresh seafood at Christmastime, and you’ll find that our fishmongers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to good buys, what to look out for and what’s in season when selecting your Christmas Seafood.  

We chatted to the experts at Claringbold’s, Periwinkle and Prahran Seafoods recently to help you with some ideas for your festive fish shopping.

Crayfish at Christmas

“All our customers love crustaceans and molluscs at Christmas,” says Peter at Claringbold’s. “King prawns, lobsters, crayfish, oysters, scampi, crabs and Moreton Bay Bugs, they are all popular. King Crab legs are in and will be perfect for Christmas.”

“Crayfish are a great buy this year due to the lack of exports, so they are under $100/kg when they have been around $150/kg in recent years.”

Ting at Periwinkle agrees “The crayfish are great quality this year and will be around 30% less than last year.”

Peter at Prahran Seafoods gets his crays from South Australia, “Crays are always really good eating at Christmas. We get ours from Robe in SA and they are likely to be cheaper than last Christmas.”

Traditional Christmas Prawns

Peter from Prahran Seafoods recommends wild prawns over farmed. “Christmas only comes around once a year and farmed prawns just don’t taste the same as wild-caught. In my opinion, you are better off buying a few less, better quality prawns for the big day. Ours are from Spencer Gulf.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your fishmonger where the prawns are from, and if they are wild-caught or farmed.”

Ting believes the prawns in 2020 are of great quality. “We have sourced our Green King Prawns from South Australia and they are fantastic – juicy, sweet, and firm. Prawns are always good this time of year and Aussies love them on Christmas day and over the festive season. This year will not disappoint.”

But what if you don’t want to deal with whole prawns? “Prawn cutlets are ideal,” says Peter from Claringbold’s. “They’re great for lunch, afternoon snacks, canapes, and picnics with cocktail sauce. They are just so easy and a real crowd-pleaser.”

Whole Fish as a Christmas Centrepiece

“A whole fish is lovely for Christmas lunch,” continues Peter. “Whether it be salmon, snapper or red emperor. It’s great to share with all the family.”

Peter from Prahran Seafoods agrees “salmon is always popular at Christmas. Our salmon is Huon Salmon from Tasmania and it is of great quality. Not only is salmon delicious, but it is also versatile. You can roast a whole salmon and place it as a centrepiece on the dining table, you can make Gravlax or smoke it yourself at home.

“The great thing about salmon is you can enjoy it cold after.”

Oysters to Kick Things Off

“Oysters go hand in hand with celebrations,” says Ting from Periwinkle. “The Sydney Rock Oysters are the best pick for summer and we freshly shuck them for our customers.”

Peter from Claringbold’s also recommends Sydney Rock Oysters. “Oysters in general are not actually in season in the summer, so they are not at their best. But if you want oysters then go for the Sydney Rock Oysters as they are in the best condition.”

Something Different for Christmas

If you’re looking for something a little different to serve as your Christmas seafood, Ting believes Kingfish is a great choice. “The Spencer Gulf Kingfish we have in right now is fantastic, and especially good this year. Whether or not you’re entertaining, it makes for a great sashimi starter, or you can grill it for an entrée or main.”

So, if you are looking for delicious fish this festive season then you’re in luck, with so much prime quality produce available in Bracher Arcade. And remember, don’t hesitate to ask our fishmongers about the different fish varieties available and what’s best from the stock they have on hand.

Visit our fishmongers in-store, or shop online and have your Christmas seafood delivered with Food Lovers’ Direct.

*Information correct at time of writing.

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