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The Perfect Melbourne Iso Cheese Board

Fed up with cooking at home? Why not treat yourself to a delicious selection of cheeses and mix up your weeknight meals. The best thing about a cheese board is that they only take minutes to put together and yet look and taste so delicious! But what makes the perfect Melbourne iso cheese board?

Where do I start?

Of course, it all starts with the cheese. Think about how many people you’re serving. Is it just you, you and your partner, or all of your flatmates too?

It’s better to choose only a couple of good quality cheeses that you’ll really love rather than a huge selection of different cheeses. Consider a hard and soft cheese. But if you love leftovers, or you are a larger family, then go ahead and add one or two more, such as a blue.

Anthony of Maker & Monger agrees that less can be more. “I prefer to choose two cheeses that balance perfectly with one great alcoholic pairing and matching accompaniments. The cheese board is an experience not just a course.”

When shopping for your cheese board, ask for recommendations and consider trying something new.

“Don’t be afraid to ask about cheese, or ask for a taste, that’s the most important factor when choosing a cheese; it’s taste. I am absolutely loving the local cheeses we are stocking at Maker & Monger at the moment, in particular the nightwalker from Stone & Crow, it’s the perfect cool weather soft cheese that works so well with a cold climate Pinot Noir,” continues Anthony.

Cheese board accompaniments

Like cheese, fromage accompaniments come down to taste, but seasonal fruits are a must in our opinion. This month Lady Williams apples and Nashi pears are ideal additions to your spring cheese board.

You may want to also head to, or place an order with, your local deli for a selection of cured meats. Some quality prosciutto or salami always go down well.

“When it comes to accompaniments it is personal taste, but I find fruit pastes to be too sugary, so I enjoy seasonal or dried fruits work well to refresh the palate between morsels of cheese,” says Anthony.

And for a savoury option, our go-to is plain crackers, which is served ideally alongside a crusty baguette. If your board has a blue cheese, then a few slices of fruit loaf will pair really well.

Serving suggestions

You can probably tell by the name, but cheese boards are usually served on a wooden board, whether it be dedicated to cheese or simply a bread board. But if you are lacking in the board department at home, never fear, a large plate or serving platter will work just as well.

Ready to select your cheese? Our Deli Traders have a great selection both in-store and available for delivery via Food Lovers’ Direct. Click here to shop online.

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