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The Market’s Best Easter Eggs

Have an Egg-cellent Easter with the Market’s Best Easter Eggs


Let’s face it, Easter is a chocoholics dream! Gone are the days of the basic, foil wrapped milk chocolate eggs (remember the ones made from compound chocolate???).

Now the choice is endless and delicious. From milk to dark, speciality flavours to dairy free – there is an Easter egg for every taste bud, dietary requirement and budget.

So what will you find at the Market?

For a huge selection of Easter goodies in all shapes and sizes, Jasper Coffee has everything from giant milk and white chocolate bunnies to dairy free eggs. There are also organic, Fairtrade and sugar-free eggs as well as flavours including white chocolate and strawberry and salted caramel. There are even chocolate bilbies and koalas! Many are sourced in Melbourne, but you will also find delicious Belgian eggs in mini egg boxes and speciality eggs from London. And if you just want a standard egg, you’ll find that too.

Organic lovers should head to Ripe Organic Grocer, where there is a range of milk and dark chocolate eggs and bunnies from a range of brands, including Organic Times. The Plamil No Added Sugar milk chocolate alternative egg is great for those with milk, gluten, or nut intolerances.

You’ll find luxurious eggs at The Essential Ingredient, with the Koko Black salted cashew brittle dark chocolate and cookies & cream white chocolate, as well as mini eggs. A bag of Seagull mini eggs is perfect for those that love a hard, sweet shell or are happy to share!

Chocolatier The Ministry of Chocolate also has a wide range of eggs on offer. From beautifully designed pieces featuring chocolate art to a range of flavours such as fruit & nut or almond & orange, there is an egg for everyone.

If you are looking for something a little different, and VERY tasty, there are even real eggshells filled with delicious milk, dark and hazelnut chocolate. Painted in bright coloured patterns, silver or gold, they are great for the whole family, entertaining or just a treat for yourself. The shell can be peeled off to reveal the chocolate truffle inside or you can microwave the egg for a while and pour the gooey chocolate into your mouth! Available at Jasper Coffee and The Essential Ingredient.


Bill, Prahran Market’s Operation Manager and resident sweet-tooth, agreed to the very difficult job of taste testing some of the Easter eggs on offer this year. The verdict on the Market’s Best Easter Eggs is…


Rocky Road Chocolate Salted Caramel Egg, Jasper Coffee, $9.95

This is super sweet, just to my liking. It’s got a good texture, looks tasty and it smells good too which makes you want to tuck in!


Organic Times Dark Couverture Chocolate Easter Egg, Ripe Organic Grocer, $11.50

This dark chocolate egg is surprisingly not bitter so if you are looking for an organic egg, that’s kind of healthy yet still sweet, this one’s for you.


Koko Black Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Egg, The Essential Ingredient, $21.95


This has a slightly crunchy texture with a combo of thin and thick chocolate so it felt more hand-made, rather mass produced. It doesn’t look like it’s made from white chocolate, but you can definitely taste it.  Really delicious.

Moo Free Organic Cheeky Orange Egg (dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegan), Jasper Coffee, $14.95

I love chocolate and orange together and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s very thick so you can eat small pieces and make it last. I would never have known it was dairy free.


Freckle Surprise Milk Chocolate Egg, The Ministry of Chocolate, $20

Good quality chocolate and good for kids.


Belgian Chocolate Filled Real Egg, Jasper Coffee & The Essential Ingredient, from $4.95

I warmed the egg in the microwave then peeled off a little of the shell and scooped out the gooey chocolate inside: seriously delicious. This is a dead set chocolate fix!

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