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Summer Florals at the Market

Wednesday 23rd December 2020

This season, treat yourself to a bunch or two of beautiful summer florals from the Market. Not sure which flowers are best? We’ve rounded up recommendations from some of Victoria’s best florists as well as tips on how to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

Roses for Summer

During summer, roses are in full bloom. Needing six to eight hours of indirect sunlight daily, make sure to keep your fresh-cut roses in a light-filled room. Being the flower of romance and passion, roses are perfect gifted to a loved one or your significant other, to show how much they mean to you.

Flawless Flowers stocks some beautiful local Victorian roses from Pakenham. And Clara’s Flowers has a beautiful range of colours available from stunning burnt orange to royal purple to canary yellow to soft pink and classic white, which Clara says “will last for ten days if cared for correctly.”


Perhaps the most Instagrammable flowers ever. Did you know that peonies are available in every colour except blue? Try the soft pink peonies for a classic look, or coral peonies to add some warmth to a room with cooler tones.

Sebastian from Flawless Flowers said “If you like Victorian Peonies, January has the last pick of the season and we will not get them back until October.


In season this month are Hydrangeas, loved for their massive and colour changing blooms. This beautiful and hardy flower is a tried-and-true Australian favourite. They love the warm morning sun and shady afternoons.

Not only can Hydrangeas be grown just about anywhere in Australia, which means you can pick them up at your favourite Market florist, they also flower prolifically in blue, pink, red or white. So, whatever your colour scheme, you can be sure to find one that will add some depth and vibrancy to your home.


“We currently have the best sunflowers in from Queensland,” says Sebastian from Flawless Flowers.

This happy, yellow flower will brighten anyone’s day and add some warmth to a neutral home. Sunflowers are usually in bloom from January to March, but they are heavily weather dependent. They are the perfect bold and bright gift.

Top Tips for Summer Blooms

Clara’s Flowers told us her top tips for making summer florals last longer are to “make sure to change the water of your flowers at least every 2-3 days and cut the stem into a triangle.”

By individually cutting each stem on a 45-degree angle, you increase the surface area on the stem, allowing the flowers to absorb more water.

Sebastian from Flawless Flowers told us to “avoid direct sunlight to prolong your flowers. Change your water daily if possible, cutting the stem on an angle each time. And keep your flowers in a cooler area as they will fade faster if they are too warm.”

Some other advice to keep your flowers fresher for longer is:

  • Remove any leaves below the waterline, as not only does this look prettier, it prevents bacterial growth.
  • Fill your vase with water at room temperature and make sure to clean the vase when changing the water.
  • Don’t mix your summer florals and fruit. You heard it here first. Keep your bouquet away from your fruit bowl as the release of ethylene gas from ripening fruits can reduce the shelf life of your flowers.
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