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Spring Grilling Tips: Pt. 2

We know that many of you enjoy a backyard barbie – part one of our Spring Grilling Tips article was definitely popular! So we thought we’d share with you a few more gems from our expert Traders, to help you choose the right marinade, grill veggies to perfection, and keep your BBQ in top condition.  

Best marinades for grilling

Kinsan from Wasshoi likes to keep things simple and often just uses salt and pepper, but it’s all a matter of taste.

“I think beef is best grilled simply. However, for chicken and pork, a honey-based marinade made with ginger and garlic adds extra punch to the flavour. A Korean BBQ-style marinade also works well. Remember, you can also use sauce for extra flavour after grilling.”

Mark from Kevin’s Poultry agrees that honey is a great marinade for chicken. “A honey and soy marinade suits the whole family and it is really popular. It can be a bit sticky and smoky on the grill, but everyone loves it. You want to let the chicken marinade for at least an hour prior to cooking.

“If you are looking for an instant hit of flavour, a lemon pepper dry spice rub is perfect. Drizzle oil on the chicken and then add the rub for a delicious coating. You can do this just before grilling.”

If you are using a marinade with a high sugar content you want to avoid burning, so Ash at Gary’s Meats recommends cooking with indirect heat. “If you turn off half the barbecue and put the marinated meat on that side, the heat will surround the meat and cook more evenly. This avoids the risk of burning over direct heat and allows the inside to cook.”

Grilling vegetables

While you can grill most vegetables, some work better than others. Kinsan recommends asparagus and capsicum as they are easy to prepare and quick to cook. They both become sweeter when grilled and the aroma from the grill adds extra flavour.

“Think about what the grilled vegetables will be served with. Both grilled asparagus and capsicum go really well with most meats,” Kinsan says.

Using a grill or barbecue differently

Using a grill does not always have to be about ‘grilling’. Kinsan has some other ideas for tasty dishes.

“Sometimes I like to steam cook seasoned salmon on the grill. Wrap the fillets in aluminium foil with lemon, butter, and fennel slices with a hint of soy sauce. Usually, this cooking style is done in the oven but can also be managed on the grill.

“Corn with butter is also nice when steamed in aluminium foil and you can choose whether or not to grill it after.”

Tips for keeping your grill clean & in good condition

It’s important to keep your grill well maintained to ensure longevity.

“Once you have finished cooking, leave the grill to cool and then clean straight away,” advised Kinsan. “Place everything back in place and turn the fire on to dry the parts and prevent the grill from getting rusty.”

Looking for some barbecue inspiration? Check out our 20 Barbecue Ideas for 2020, then head to Food Lovers’ Direct to purchase your ingredients online with our Traders.

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