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Naheda's Choice Opens Turkish Delight Stall

New Opening of Turkish Delight stall!

Our long list of specialty food stalls is a whole lot more exciting this month with the opening of Naheda’s Choice Turkish Delight. The move follows the success of the temporary pop-up Turkish Delight stall launched just before Christmas last year, and becomes the second stall for the popular purveyors, who established their flagship business Naheda’s Choice Gourmet Home-Style Dips, over nine years ago.

The move from gourmet dips to Turkish delight is a simple progression for husband and wife duo, Ghassan (Jim) and Naheda Hassan, who see sweets as an extension of their already existing business rather than the introduction of a new one.

“We always sold it alongside our gourmet dips, but it wasn’t until we were given an opportunity to really focus on it, that it began to take off,” says Naheda. “We started simply with traditional flavours, then customers began suggesting ideas and before we knew it, it was bigger than ever.”

The infamous Turkish delight, which has already attracted a cult following on social media is prepared and heated in a large copper pot over a flame, then stirred and hand cut – a customary technique unique to Australia, taking around three hours per batch to make.

The new stall boasts a brightly coloured fit-out and a moreish range of Turkish delight spanning 20 specialty varieties and over 60 flavours. Visitors are treated to delights inspired by everything from Middle Eastern delicacies and seasonal fruits, to popular customer requests, and anything the creative couple can dream up.

“I’m constantly thinking about Turkish delight flavours,” says Naheda. “We’re always experimenting and taste testing, trying to find something our customers will love,” she says.

While flavours like rose or pistachio will always be popular; inventive flavours are the go-to for adventurous Market dwellers. Turkish Delight menu standouts include the pomegranate and barberry – a perfect mix of sweet and sour; the blueberry and chocolate pebbles; and the burnt caramel with hazelnut, pistachio and walnut.

“We like to offer traditional flavours and make them more contemporary with modern touches,” she says. “We’re always creating samples for customers to try. If 80% of people like the taste, then we’ll add it to the menu.”


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