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Food Memories From Mum

So many of us have them: those evocative food memories – a taste, smell, texture, or dish – that reminds us of mum. They are sometimes difficult memories, yet always deeply treasured.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we sat down with a few of our Traders and asked them to share with us some of their fondest food memories involving their mother. So many of our Traders owe their current pursuits to the things their mother taught them: it’s love and passion and memory that is deeply tied to the food and service they offer you here.

Naheda, Naheda’s Choice

“I’ll always remember the honey smell that came with mum’s cooking. There was always food on the table and plenty of traditional Lebanese foods. Everything was made with love and you could taste it. I carry that forward with everything I make for my family and that we make in the shop.

“One of my fondest memories is of the Zaatar breakfasts – pita breads with fresh olive oil and freshly roasted sesame seeds, sumac and oregano from our garden. We were told the Zaatar made us smart so we ate it in abundance.”

Terry, Prahran Market Hardware

“My mum was a winner at the Foster Agriculture Show for her sponge cake. She was extremely proud of this and she still makes her sponge cake on special occasions, even at the age of 90. I remember, when I was young, trying to ‘help’ but that usually turned into licking the beaters!

“The key to her success is using the very best ingredients, free-range eggs, French butter and double sifted flour. She has written the recipe down but no one can make it quite the same. There are a few things I remember her telling us, such as always wipe butter onto the pan to grease, separate the eggs using the shell first and remove the air bubble. I love to still see her baking in the kitchen in her element.”

Oz, The Falafel Man

“My mum used to make really, really good doughnuts. All home-made and they used to take such a long time to prepare and make such a mess but they were so delicious. They were only made once a year for the Festival of Chanukah so it was pretty special.

“Mum would make two doughnut halves and fill each with home-made jam, then she would seal them closed before frying. It was a long time ago, I haven’t had one in probably 40 years but I still remember them like it was yesterday.”

Wendy, Stir The Pot

“I used to love cooking with mum every weekend. She taught me so much about cooking lots of different dishes and I have now made a career out of cooking. Mum would take me to the markets to find the best produce and teach me to use ingredients that are in season.

“Mum always used to say you eat with your senses and it was true, the house always smelt amazing! Each week I would look forward to sitting down with the family to enjoy mum’s Sunday roast that came with grandma’s Yorkshire Puddings.”

Kathy, Sweet Greek

“I grew up learning to cook traditional Greek cuisine from my mother. The recipes I use have been passed down from generations. Our food is engrained with our culture and spirit.

“I learnt to cook instinctively through my family. The Hellenic cuisine evokes memories I will cherish forever. My food is a celebration of life!”

See you at the Market, for Mothers Day.

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