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Ben's Bees Beeswax Wraps Workshop

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Beeswax wraps




Omega and Neil Perry Kitchen, Prahran Market



Ever wanted to make your own Beeswax wraps? Well, now you can in this fantastic workshop with Ben Moore, of Ben’s Bees!

This two-hour workshop is split into two sections: the first hour is an informative chat about bees and the important uses of bee products (honey and wax); in the second hour, Ben will teach you how to make your very own beeswax wraps! Seriously. How good is that?

They are great for your own home, and with Christmas coming up (We know! Dare we say it?), they’re the perfect environmentally-friendly gift.

Each participant takes home their very own Beeswax wrap plus a jar of backyard honey – fresh from Ben’s bees!

So why not give making your own a go and buy your ticket today!

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Some background…

Cling film, Gladwrap, or plastic wrap, is a thin plastic film that clings to itself and other surfaces. But this single-use product is a big issue: it is not reusable, and immediately ends up in landfill and our oceans, leaching chemicals for years and causing harm to the environment.

Beeswax wraps are the perfect substitute.   These natural cotton cloths, embedded with beeswax and resins, are pliable and washable and can mould to fit foods and vessels that require protection. By using non-toxic substances, the potential for leaching is eliminated, and the “throw-away” habit is reduced in the home environment.  So why not give making your own a go?!


Beeswax Wraps

“Now, you all know, I am a community man. I love getting out there with the people, sharing my love for all thing’s bee-related, and trying, as best I can, to make the planet a better place. From my experience, I understand that communities exist on different levels, and being part of one involves sharing stories, skills and ideas. That’s why community and adult education has always been so dear to my heart. And as you all know I am super passionate about ramping up the war on waste, I want us to get together and find new solutions for our wasteful habits. ” Ben Moore.