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Blackhearts & Sparrows’ Best Drops For Your Next BBQ

Friday 1st February 2019

Looking for something new to drink alongside your next weekend backyard grill-up?

We grabbed a few minutes with Paul Hobson, Store Manager of our newest Trader Blackhearts & Sparrows.  In case you haven’t caught up with this news – Blackhearts & Sparrows opened at Prahran Market in December and they just happen to be Melbourne’s leading independent merchants of all things fermented.

File that one under ‘we’ve got you covered’!

Paul has given us a few drops as recommendations for your next weekend barbecue, some of which were paired nicely with the eats at Sizzlefest!

Read on friends.

Mallaluka Riesling, Canberra District, $30

“Canberra Rieslings are winners and this one is fresh, textured and full of personality.”

Great with: Whole grilled fish with fragrant Asian herbs

Bonnet-Huteau Muscadet 2016, Loire Valley France, $25

“One of the varietals you may not have tried yet is Melon de Bourgogne from France’s West Coast – great mates with seafood and this is a fine example, saline, citrusy and bone dry.”

Great with: oysters & and then maybe barbecued octopus (available during Sizzlefest)

A Rodda Smiths Vineyard Chardonnay, Beechworth, $42

“Natural fermentation and light-touch winemaking makes this Chardonnay one of our favourites of the moment.”

Great with: grilled corn (available during Sizzlefest

Blackhearts Grafted Series x Ravensworth Rondinella Rose, Murrumbateman $26

“A slightly fuller styled rose that shows Rondinella’s typical juicy berry characters of plump red fruits, strawberry and a light berry tang – a real crowd-pleaser”

Great with barbecued Greek-style lamb (available during Sizzlefest)

Adelina Field Blend Red, Clare Valley $30 (serve chilled)

“A true field blend wine out of the Claire – it contains slippery and slurpy drinkability in spades.  If the sun’s out don’t be afraid to serve with a gentle chill.”

Great with: Pork and anything sticky and rich off the barbecue

Diego Conterno Nebbiolo, $46

“Perfect partner to a great steak – Rose and pot-pouri on the nose but full of flavour and great tannin structure”

Great with: Grilled T-Bone


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