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Best of the Market Mince Pies this Christmas

Thursday 7th December 2017

It’s time to indulge

According to a Middle Ages custom; if you eat a mince pie every day from Christmas Eve til January 5th (the Twelfth night), you’ll have happiness for the whole year! Sounds pretty good, hey?

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and we don’t know about you but we can’t wait for all the festive treats. To us, nothing says Christmas like a classic fruit mince pie, so as a favour to you, we’ve gone and tested the mince pies available at the Market. Here’s what we can tell you…

Jasper Coffee – The Celtic Bakery Traditional Mince Pies
These beauties have a lovely thick buttery pastry and the fruit mince filling crumbles nicely as you bite into it.  What can we say? It’s pleasantly filled with sweetness and a slight tang as you munch through the raisins. In fact, it’s really hard not to have the entire pack to yourself. And with just a few classic ingredients, it doesn’t get much more traditional than that. A big tick from us.

Pete ‘n’ Rosie’s Deli – Philippa’s mince pies with organic vine fruit
A much thinner pastry than the traditional mince pies from Jasper Coffee, we recommend these pies for those of you who get full quickly (not us, unfortunately…). The thinner casing is; however, just as decadent and extra crumbly. In fact, you can smell the spices the moment you take your first bite – it’s heavenly. The filling is also jam-packed with fruity goodness with a deliciously candied taste. They’re already an office favourite!

The Essential Ingredient – Castlemaine Fine Biscuit Co. Fruit Mince Pies
Get ready to indulge. Filled with apples, sultanas, currants and citrus peel, these handmade pies are filled with flavour without any added colours, flavours or preservatives – bonus! Another fruit mince pie with deliciously buttery pastry and a filling that allows you to really taste all the fruit and spices. We recommend these ones for dedicated fruit mince pie lovers.

If you what to turn it up a notch, we recommend pairing your mince pie with some spiced mulled wine. Believe it or not,  it really complements the fruit filling of the pies. You can of course simply enjoy them on their own – maybe with a cheeky dollop of thick cream on the side? Tis the season to indulge after all.

And, for those of you who are gluten free, have no fear! Ripe the Organic Grocer will be stocking a variety of fruit mince pie options, including gluten free. We also recommend checking out Cleo’s Deli who will have mince pies available closer to Christmas.

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