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DIY Your Own Butter at Home

Tuesday 5th September 2017

While there are many different types of butters available at Prahran Market, there’s something very satisfying about making your own at home. We’ve managed to find a pretty great recipe that requires just two ingredients; pouring cream and sea salt. It’ll only take around 20 minutes to make and you’ll be left with deliciously creamy butter to enjoy for about a week. Go on, give it a go!

600ml pouring cream
1/2 tsp fine sea salt

1. Process 600ml chilled pouring cream into a food processor. Mix for three minutes or until mixture turns hard and the thin liquid of buttermilk forms. This can take up to 10 minutes.
2. Drain the mixture using a sieve. Keep the buttermilk aside to use for baking if desired.
3. Rinse the butter in iced water to remove any excess buttermilk.
4. Press the butter into a container, and press in the sea salt. Then cover and chill in the fridge.

It should keep for approx. seven days.

Not sure what to do with that leftover buttermilk? Check out this recipe for a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich or for a sweet option, these buttermilk blueberry pancakes

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