Prahran Market Podcasts

We like to keep things fresh so enjoy our podcasts of recipes, market updates or anything else we think you need to know.

Meet Jim from Naheda's Choice


Truffle Festival Highlights

Cook Perfect Mussels at Home like a Chef

with these hints and tips by Pixie from the Mussel Pot


Celebrating 150 years! Video by Chapel Street Traders Association.

Victor Liong @ Prahran Market! All part of Alice in Frame's #edibleadventure! 21st February 2015

Benjamin Cooper @ Prahran Market! All part of Alice in Frame's #edibleadventure!

The Cheesemonger at Prahran Market! All part of Alice in Frame's #edibleadventure!

#EdibleAdventure with Alice in Frames and Dani Valent! In the Mix! 

Never been to a #EdibleAdventure's Chef's Challenge with Alice in Frames? This is what it's all about!

Queensland Yabby makes a 'bid for freedom' at Claringbolds.......January 2013.
It's all about taste.....
Prahran Market Mushroom Podcast!
Prahran Market Poultry!
Potato Podcast.....everything you need to know about Prahran Market potatoes!
Market Stars Semi Final-Paul from Ripe Organics Vs Terry from Theo and Sons Seafoods
Market Stars Trader Cook Off- Heat 1 -Naheda from Naheda's Choice v's Paul from Ripe Organics, 30th September 2011
Get a little taste for the market, then come and see for yourself.